The fairest franchise in Australia


Ideal Candidates:

● You own an existing small sign shop

● You are an experienced existing employee of a sign shop or a signage contractor

I own my own sign shop, why would I join?

● Competitive edge over local competitors

● Be able to run a successful business without needing an expensive store front

● Better buying power to gain bigger discounts and increase profit

● Help and resources around running your own business

● More time for yourself and your family

● Access to a knowledge base, training and free manufacturing guides

● Access to a prequalified “Jim’s approved” supplier database

● Your own call centre taking leads drawn from an ongoing national marketing campaign

● Pooling with others for marketing and lead generation

● Stronger presence on the internet

● A network of local and off shore manufacturers and suppliers

● Access to WHS guides and best practises

● Access to better resources to manufacture more in-house

● Better resale value on your business when you retire (let your hard work help grow an asset)

● Your no longer on your own. Regular get-togethers with similar people companies to learn from, teach or just bounce ideas off

● Online systems to help manage your business and workflow

● New products that you can sell to existing clients (uniforms, business cards, brochures etc)

● Opportunities for regular revenue streams (business cards, uniforms, brochures etc)

● Would prefer and Australian born Franchise system

● A low cost entry


● Jim’s is the No 1 franchising brand in the country.

● Unlike other signage franchises, Jim’s is well known by people outside the industry (ie your prospective customers)

● Did you know that there are over 3800 Jim’s franchisees proudly promoting the Jim’s name? By the way, they all need signage, uniforms, business cards and brochures.

● Jims Group brings on hundreds of new franchisees every year.

● Jim’s is Australian owned and Australian Grown. It’s systems have been developed in Australia for Australians. Jim’s Signs and Print is backed by one of Australia’s largest Sign companies with a wealth of knowledge and resources to share with those who choose to come on board as a Jim’s Signs & Print Franchisee.