If you want to maximise your brand exposure 24 hours a day, or you have a retail shop in a busy shopping centre, Illuminated Signage is the most sought after signage solution to get your business seen at the right times.

We have a wide range of illuminated signage to suit every requirement and budget, and our signage experts will consult with you to ensure you choose the right option for your business and branding objectives.


Our Light boxes are custom made to suit any space and can be manufactured in any colour and finish depending on your requirements. Internal or external, we have a solution to meet your branding objectives and your budget. Plus all of our lightboxes are fitted with the latest LED illumination technology that provides longevity, minimal servicing and maximum cost efficiency, saving you money on your power bills.


The ultimate in brand penetration is achieved by 3D Illuminated letters. Suitable for external and internal use, they can me manufactured at any size and any depth depending on their environment. 3D illuminated letters make a very bold impression and are perfect for engraining your brand in the minds of your clients and potential customers, they also sending a strong message to your competition that you mean business! Available with our latest LED illumination or Traditional Neon depending on your brand objectives, let 3D Illuminated lettering take your brand to the next level.

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